This site is devoted to Discrete Symbolic Dynamical Systems - the systems all properties of which are qualitative.
The "McLN Viewer" and "McLN MF" pages present "Multicolored Logical Net" project - a Discrete Symbolic Dynamical Systems Modeling Formalism.

Perhaps one of the fundamentals of our life is the thirst to learn and understand why everything
is organized as we see it, and why everything is happening in the way we observe it.

Based on our knowledge, experience and intuition we assume that there is some hidden machinery - a mechanism that brings everything into motion. Hence, we are seeking to open the curtain and hope to see all the parts and all the gears that drive the world from behind the scenes.

Our entire world is the world of objects. We are the objects and we operate with the objects. Each object is a system comprised of other objects, from one side, and is a component of a bigger system, from the other side.

We perceive the objects and the systems of objects via their properties. As, the objects can interact with other objects within the system and with the objects of other systems, the properties we observe may change over time. We call such systems - Dynamical Systems. In turn, all changes in the properties are considered the dynamical systems' behavior.

To understand and to explain the dynamical systems and their behavior, we create the systems' dynamical models. Then, we experiment with the models, analyze modeled and modeling systems, and use the knowledge of the modeled systems, embedded into the systems' dynamical models, to predict and to control the modeled dynamical systems' behavior.

Since the dynamical system's models are created to solve a wide range of tasks, different modeling formalisms are needed to meet the modeling requirements.

Presented on the site Multicolored Logical Net Modeling Formalism is one of them.

The "Content" page provides a list of briefly described pages on the site.

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