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Here are a few words about the author of the site and the project presented.

The Author
The author of the site and the projects presented is Vlad Lakin, a software systems developer. When working on several complex real-time control and/or monitoring systems, I was involved and became interested in software systems behavior specification and implementation. While further dealing with discrete dynamical systems and their models I came out with a notion of Discrete Symbolic Dynamical System and Multicolored Logical Net graphical and mathematical modeling formalism. That was the point where the "Kaleidoscope" project has begun. The project is briefly described below.

The "Kaleidoscope" Project
The creation of the project is motivated by intention to develop a set of instruments that could allow a user to develop a Discrete Symbolic Dynamical System (DSDS) model and use it in the system's top level logical decision making controllers. The project consists of three major parts:

The first part is the Multicolored Logical Net Modeling Formalism - McLN MF. The "McLN Viewer" page presents several working McLN model examples. The "McLN MF" page provides brief McLN MF description.

The second part of the project is a desktop application that is a Discrete Symbolic Dynamical Systems Development and Simulating Environment - DSDS DSE. This tool allows McLN developer to create, save, retrieve, edit, and simulate DSDS model behavior. Figure 1 represents the DSDS DSE screen snapshot while it is in its Development mode.

Figure 1. DSDS Development and Simulating Environment application screen snapshot.

The third part of the project is the experimental imaginary mission control system desktop application called Space Exploration Mission. This application is thought of as a testing facility where the "mission controller" software is supposed to utilize the space exploration mission McLN model as a base for its top-level decision making behavior controller. Figure 2 represents a screen snapshot of the Space Exploration Mission application. More work on this part of the project is to follow.

Figure 2. Space Exploration Mission application screen snapshot.

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